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Privacy Notice

This policy makes the relevant provisions to you how to use and protection through the website provided personal information. If you have any questions or comments on this policy, you can contact us through the network connection.
To protect user privacy is a basic policy of the network, the website make sure that we will not open to the public or to provide user registration information, and the user in the use of the web service storage in this website non disclosure information, except the following: (a) specifically authorized prior access to users; (b) according to the requirements of relevant laws and regulations; (c) in accordance with the requirements of relevant government departments; (d) to safeguard the public interest; (e) in order to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the website.
Information Security
If the customer can not trust us, cannot provide the necessary personal information to us, shopping here is not possible. Therefore, to ensure that customers personal information security is extremely important for us. Our company will not be for marketing purposes, to disclose any of your personal information to the outside of the station. We collect personal information is only used as their sales. In some cases, part of the personal information will be forwarded to other terminal device, but we will always be in management, technology process to ensure information security, prevent the occurrence of the illegal disclosure of personal information, or in the unauthorized use, modify and delete. The company is committed to the implementation of customer personal information protection measures which are effective and efficient, make it from various unforeseen accident hazards.
In some cases, we need to employ other companies to provide professional services to you. Such as delivery services, we need the cooperation and professional transportation companies, they will provide goods transport according to the customer's name and address. In this case, we will be in strict supervision and cooperation, to ensure that customers' personal information and privacy are not violated.
The Utility of Cookies Function
Many people worry about the using of cookies function on the Internet with personal privacy issues and on the web site. A cookie is a small file, used to store the users' personal information. The cookies cannot be used to steal about you and all of your use of computer information system.
The website records the individual customer preferences information by using the cookies function. If a customer does not need use any cookies function, this function will be cancelled in the individual customer browser Internet option.
Personal Information Management
The customers provide your personal information can be modified, delete at any time, you can inform us by e-mail. When necessary, we will also inform you the way about customer personal information, and whether or forwarding customer personal information as to where. Our customers provided personal information is only for the company use alone. According to the relevant standards and laws, we only keep personal information, necessary. At the same time, we will delete personal information that the future will no longer use.
Address Change
If you wish to change your contact information, or cancel the connection, or you have any questions about the customer personal information policy and personal information content, please feel free to modify or contact us on the site of the user registration page.
Supplementary Articles
We may modify this policy from time to time, in order to reflect the change of national laws and policies and to adjust our service policy. Therefore, please check this page regularly, because the constraints when you visit our website will be subject to such modifications.
Note: we reserve the right to withdraw your membership at any time, we will notify you via email (if any). In our reasonable discretion, as we suspect that you unauthorized use or abuse of our service, we may suspend or close your member account, to keep good data quality and abide by the laws and regulations on information and privacy. While, we can accord your request to delete your all personal information in our website, ensuring the security of information is not leaked.